Allied East Africa Limited (AEAL) Allied East Africa Limited (AEAL)is a modern Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders manufacturer. The company operates a state-of-the art cylinder and re-validation plant with modern equipment and automated processes, strategically located on l5-acres at Kisaju, Nairobi Kenya.

  • LPG cylinder body; forming
  • Submerged Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) for body and valve boss welding
  • Normalization (heat treatment) of the complete cylinders to ensure proper stress relief
  • Powder coating that meets the quality specifications
  • Cylinder finishing
  • Pressure and leakage testing

For more information, please visit http://alliedeastafrica.com/


Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of products and systems for the reliable deployment of clean hydrocarbon fuels worldwide. We design and manufacture a wide variety of LP-Gas Vaporizers, LP-Gas-Air mixers for replacing or augmenting the supply of Natural Gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for augmenting the supply of digester gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for combustion process pre-mixing, and ammonia vaporizers for thermal de-NOx and industrial processes. Algas-SDI, together with its partners world-wide, offers its customers an excellent single source for design, installation, and service for total system needs, supported by expert application engineering services.

For more information, please visit http://www.algas-sdi.com/


Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of products and systems for the reliable deployment of clean hydrocarbon fuels worldwide. We design and manufacture a wide variety of LP-Gas Vaporizers, LP-Gas-Air mixers for replacing or augmenting the supply of Natural Gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for augmenting the supply of digester gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for combustion process pre-mixing, and ammonia vaporizers for thermal de-NOx and industrial processes. Algas-SDI, together with its partners world-wide, offers its customers an excellent single source for design, installation, and service for total system needs, supported by expert application engineering services.

For more information, please visit http://www.algas-sdi.com/


Rego Products offer the world’s most complete line of LP-Gas valves and regulators and are manufactured by Engineering Controls International, LLC, USA. RegO Products have been designed in co-operation with LPG marketers throughout the world specifically for use with LP-Gas since the inception of the industry in the early 1900’s. All Rego Products are manufactured in USA.

For more information, please visit www.regoproducts.com


Manufacturer of float level gauges, associated sensors and remote receivers for tank level measurement from cylinders to large storage tanks, including domestic tanks, delivery trucks and trailers.

Market leader in the LP-Gas industry, Rochester Gauges (ISO 9001), offers products on the highest quality standards, proven over the years, being the reference in this sector. Even copied, never equaled!


BCPL is one of the major cylinder suppliers to the leading public sector LPG marketing companies in India like Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and have so far supplied nearly one million LPG cylinders to these marketing companies. It also produces refrigerant cylinders (non-refillable and refillable), stainless steel cylinders for special applications, automotive LPG cylindrical and toroidal tanks in various sizes and capacities. Apart from this BCPL is also engaged in the manufacturing of multi-function valves used in automotive applications onboard for LPG. The same section is producing LPG cylinder valves and valves for disposable cylinders.

For more information, please visit http://www.bhiwadicylinders.com/


“When a partnership between three well-known companies brings benefits to the Kenyan market.

Cavagna Group - world leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and control;

Siraga Group - specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for filling, repairing, handling and palletizing LPG cylinders; This new strong partnership allows us to propose a 360° solution for clients including pump, LPG filling equipment and valves. As it will handle the entire supply chain of LPG (both for domestic and industrial use), it stands us as the most complete worldwide reference for the LPG industry.”

For more information, please visit www.cavagnagroup.com, www.siraga.com


EVAS, Turkey’s leader among LPG Cylinder and Automotive LPG Tank manufacturers, was founded in 1963 with an annual capacity of less than 10,000 cylinders. Today, with its modern production, testing, and inspection facilities, annual production has reached over 2,000,000 cylinders. EVAS is proud to have manufactured more than 50 million cylinders since its inception. EVAS, a group company of SHV ENERGY, has been producing high quality cylinders very competitively for its Asian, European, African, Latin American and Australian customers.

For more information, please visit www.evas.com.tr


GDIGGER supplies high-quality Storage Tank and Spherical Tank on any projects for different medium (LPG, LNG, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Liquefied Gas, etc). Cubage dimension from 50m³ to 10000 m³ with experienced installation teams for your tanks if need. GDIGGER provides an in-depth knowledge and widespread International experience from design, supply, construction, Installation & training of EPC Projects. GDIGGER is dedicated to be your one stop solution partner for oil and gas industry, and welcome valuable customers to visit our company.

For more information, please visit www.gdgee.com | http://www.gdigger-lpgtank.com/


ISISAN was established in 1968 in a small workshop producing hot water boilers and simple, non-pressurized tanks. Today we are working on a massive 46.000m² area over 25.000m² is covered-located in industrial zone of Kayseri, Central Anatolia, Turkey. ISISAN is focused on pressure vessels on 1980's and has been grown up to be major manufacturer, especially on transport and storage tanks for LPG, cryogenics, CO2 and LNG. ISISAN exports 50% of its product to 60 countries. ISISAN Designs, manufacturers and assembles all of its products in accordance with international standards and has certifications from a worldwide range of inspection authorities.

For more information, please visit http://www.isisan.com.tr/


Kabsons Group was established in the year 1974 for manufacture of Small Capacity LPG Cylinders and Appliances. In the year 1981 added the manufacture of LPG Valves, Regulators, Adaptors and Other LPG Accessories. In the year 1995 diversified into Disposable cylinders for Refrigerant Gases and then in 2005 commenced manufacture of big capacity LPG Cylinders primarily for exports. Today the Kabsons Group is a one stop shop for all LPG Equipment and is one of the largest exporters from India. Kabsons has the distinction of converting ideas into realities and developing products as per the customer requirements. Kabsons believes in ‘giving the customers what they want and not what we have’.

For more information, please visit http://www.kabsonsindia.com/


Kosel Industries Sdn Bhd is the proud Malaysian manufacturer of ATEX-approved ELIXIR range of electronic LP Gas filling equipment and Kosangas LP Gas vaporizers. Our corporate office is in Kuala Lumpur and our factory is located in Penang. We have supplied our ELIXIR and Kosangas equipment to more than 50 countries spreading over 5 continents to national and multi-national oil and gas companies.

As part of our expansion strategy, Kosel Industries is now appointing agents in Kenya and different countries in East Africa.

For more information, please visit http://www.elpiji-group.com


It is into this traditionally hospitable dream setting that Longonot Gate golf resort, conference centre and leisure city is emerging. Built on 2400 acres of land. Longonot Gate is located at the foot of Mt Longonot. It is just an hour’s drive away from Nairobi, and 8km off Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha.

This exclusive resort city will enjoy integrated superior gated country homes with modern amenities that include holiday and retirement homes, an 18 hole golf course, sporting facilities, ornamental lake, hotels and theme parks, and conference facilities. It is set to provide a unique and extraordinary standard of living to its residents.

For more information: http://www.longonotgate.co.ke/


Metal Mate Co., Ltd, a global leader of pressure vessel manufacturer from Thailand, who experience longer than 35years. With approved products by universal standards & quality, which extensively known by most of leading oil & Gas companies around the world. For variety of products range, it can be categorized into three main groups; welded cylinder, seamless cylinder and composite cylinder. Which are strongly concerned in safety, environmental care and competitiveness. Evidently, Metal Mate Co.,Ltd, is stepping forward as a global leading pressure vessel manufacturer for alternative energy with highly innovative and reliable products, advance production technologies and excellent services.

For more information, please visit www.metal-mate.com


Orgaz ,founded in 1992 has been producing valves,stoves ,lights, heaters, and regulators to be used in the cylinder tubes in various standards. The produced parts are used by Technical Hardware, camping Equipment and LPG (liquid Petroleum Gas)dispensers as Home and picnic Equipments. ORGAZ, exports to nearly 50 countries and produces goods on accordance with the needs of all countries with their required standards and has the widest products range of goods operating with LPG. The biggest privilege of the ORGAZ ia the believe of "Quality bring Assurance "and with this belief the company gets its "Sustainable Quality".

For more information, please visit www.orgaz.com.tr


PAM Systems Pvt Ltd., established as a joint venture between PAM, France and Systems Group, India over 25 years ago, manufacture and export equipment for LPG Bottling Plants. Its equipments are in operation in various countries in Asia & Africa and it has met with customer delight. The range of equipment broadly includes conveyor systems, filling systems, check & correction, leak detection, sealing, cylinder maintenance and specialized systems like containerized plant, skid mounted filling system, quality assurance system, metal cutting gas filling. The company provides customized solutions to meet customer’s exacting requirements. Excellence at affordable prices is the Company’s hallmark.

For more information, please visit http://www.pamsystems.in/


With its 25-year experience, SCG has become one of the world leading manufacturers of LPG Valves, Regulators, and Gas Appliances, focusing on supplying the industries with the highest level quality and safe products, approved and certified by the most stringent national and international certifying bodies. Because of its premium quality, reliability and economy cost, SCG products have been nominated as safe, worthy & friendly for using by most of the renowned oil & gas companies, cylinder manufacturers, gas appliance OEM and households in more than 80 countries in the world.

For more information, please visit www.scgthai.com


SMPC was officially inaugurated in 1981 with the purpose of manufacturing LPG Cylinders for the domestic and global market. The containers were targetedto represent both the trademarks of our customers’ s and SMPC’s manufacturing trademarkk. Our highly extensive experience and stringent quality control systems, together with our relentless and continuous development mindset have propelled us to the forefront of our industry. SMPC is one of the leading LPG container manufacturers in the world. Our integrated performance and enables us to achieve higher quality products. SPMC’s regocnition speakes volume of the devoted and our focused executive management. We are accredited wit ISO, AS, BS, DOT, EN, and TPED.

For more information, please visit http://www.smpcplc.com/


Hangzhou Tianlong Steel Cylinder Co., Ltd is a very professional manufacturer on lpg cylinder with more than 20 years production experiences and Africa is our main market. We have 3 production lines can produce 0.5kg~50kg lpg cylinder and annual output arrive 3.8million, exports of at least 20million US dollars per year. We have own technical team with ability to develop new products and all kinds of mould in order to meet clients requirements. We have own testing lab to make sure to supply high quality products, like X-ray non-destructive testing, mechanical testing, burst testing and leak testing. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory.

For more information, please visit www.tllpgcylinder.com/ or www.tianlong-cylinder.com


Time Technoplast Ltd (Time Tech) is a multinational conglomerate with operations in Bahrain, Belgium, China, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sharjah, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam is a leading manufacturer of polymer products.

The company's portfolio consists of technically driven innovative products catering to growing industry segments like, Industrial Packaging Solutions, Lifestyle Products, Automotive Components, Healthcare Products, Infrastructure / Construction related products, Material Handling Solutions & Composite Cylinders.

Time Tech is promoted by qualified professionals with decades of experience who believe in working hard for the company, its customers, its suppliers, its employees and its shareholders. For more information, please visit www.timetechnoplast.com


Trident Gas and Oil Engineering Co. Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya represents M/s Optech Engineering Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India. After the completion of successful projects in East and West Africa the need of our presence in Africa was felt. Trident is formed in order to serve the customers in African continent more closely, efficiently and promptly. Trident provides engineering services to Gas and Oil sectors from planning level to the commissioning stage. We provide turnkey solutions on LPG import terminals which include the Jetty piping, storage tanks, tank fittings, loading pumps, compressors, loading bay, fire fighting system, leak detectors, hoses, gas meters, etc.

Trident Gas and Oil Engineering Company Ltd manufactures and supplies fully automatic, semi-automatic bottling plants, bottling carousels, skid mounted and containerized bottling plants.

We also manufacture and supply LPG Horton spheres, huge LPG storage tanks, small LPG tanks for hotels and restaurants, compressors and pumps from USA, tank fittings, Bobtails, LPG semi trailers, LPG meters, LPG cylinder manifold, CS pipe fittings, high pressure / low pressure industrial / domestic regulators, leak detectors etc.

Website : www.trident-engg.com / www.optechengineering.com


Trovan, Ltd. offers comprehensive RFID solutions for LPG cylinder tracking,as well as, customer and employee identification. Rugged cylinder tags,employee and customer ID cards, fixed mounted and portable readers are ATEX-certified for use in explosive environments. Uniquely suited for operations in high EMI environments, on moving chain conveyors, and attached directly to metal, miniature TROVAN tags will work where others won’t. Unmatched read performance for size of the tag. Solutions for tagging new cylinders, as well as, retrofitting existing stock. 20-year track record of providing solutions for cylinder management and identification.

For more information, please visit http://www.trovan.com/

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