22 - 23 May 2018


East Africa LPG Summit & Training Workshop

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About The Summit

This two-day LPG program has been designed for decision makers, marketing, operations, technical and supply chain teams in petroleum companies, banks and financial institutions, legal and regulatory agencies including revenue authorities, government ministries in charge of energy, health, environment, trade, industry as well as National Standards bodies.

The LPG Summit is designed for all stakeholders who have an interest in the LPG business and who want to be updated on the latest information, opportunities and challenges facing the industry. The one-and-a-half-day training workshop that follows the half-day Summit will be more interactive and is designed for those with a hands-on approach to the business. It is designed for senior LPG managers, marketers, operations, administrative and technical staff and will include informative interactive case studies focusing on some of the typical challenges facing today’s LPG business.

The Summit will:

  • • Present the global, regional and East African supply/demand data and forecast the likely trends over the next 10 years for the LPG industry
  • • Assess the Challenges & Opportunities facing the LPG industry today and, in the future
  • • Discuss the importance of an LPG Roadmap and the importance of sound government policy and legal and regulatory framework
  • • Look at the role of Technology and the impact of the IoT (Internet of Things) on the LPG industry
  • • Investigate and debate the role of LPG as an energy source for power generation
About The Training Workshop

The Training Workshop will:

  • • Examine LPG as an exceptional energy
  • • Review and understand the crucial drivers in the strategic development of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a primary cooking fuel for East Africa (EA) households
  • • Examine inland depots/bulk storage including unconventional storage innovations for remote/rural areas
  • • Discuss the transportation of LPG in bulk and examine the key HSE requirements
  • • Review and understand the importance of a good cylinder management policy including a safe LPG cylinder and cylinder filling plant. Present and discuss the designs, standards, specifications and best practices for the LPG cylinder as well as look at the latest innovations in LPG cylinders
  • • Understand the key LPG import, storage and distribution infrastructure requirements that stimulate LPG supply as well as tried and tested supply chain innovations
  • • Present and discuss business models that have shaped successful LPG penetration in India, Brazil, Indonesia and Morocco
  • • Examine the importance of integrating consumer education and awareness in the LPG business
The Results

At the end of the Summit and Training Workshop, those delegates who attend both will understand:

  • i. LPG - A global exceptional energy
    • International markets and imports economics
    • Global, Regional and East African supply/demand data
    • Regional and East African supply/demand outlook

  • ii. Key drivers for strategic LPG development
    • National government policy structure
    • Elements of an enabling legal and regulatory framework - LPG road map components

  • iii. Crucial LPG Infrastructure requirements
    • Import handling and storage infrastructure
    • Open access to common user infrastructure
    • Inland depots/bulk storage including unconventional storage innovations for remote/rural areas

  • iv. Distribution Channels
    • Bulk transportation
    • Conventional LPG filling plants
    • Innovative LPG cylinder filling plants
    • Key HSE requirements for transportation
    • Key HSE requirements for LPG filling plants

  • v. LPG Cylinder Management
    • Cylinder types and standards
    • Cylinder filling best practices
    • Cylinder design, inspection, maintenance and disposal
    • Cylinder transportation
    • Cylinder storage in the distribution channel
    • Cylinder innovations

  • vi. Case studies on successful LPG penetration business models
    • India
    • Brazil
    • Indonesia
    • Morocco
    • Importance of integrating consumer education and awareness in the LPG business


Conference and Event's Agenda

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22 - 23 MAY 2018

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