LPG Myanmar Summit 2019
03 - 04 April 2019 | Lotte Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
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South East Asia represents one of the most dynamic components of the global energy system. Despite varying stages of economic development and energy endowment, the countries share a common challenge to meet unprecedented demand growth in a secure, affordable and sustainable manner. More significantly, access to modern energy is incomplete. In Myanmar, we are commencing the journey of delivering LPG as a considerably healthier, much cleaner, and more efficient fuel for cooking in millions of homes. At Parami Energy, we strongly advocate the appointment of solely women as LPG distributors to act as a catalyst in helping exceed the Governments’ objectives with respect to energy, health and the environment. Ultimately the empowerment of women in Myanmar will be a critical success factor.

Join us for WLPGA’s MYANMAR SUMMIT on 3 – 4 April 2019 in Lotte Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar, where we will be joining the stakeholders in Myanmar to provide a catalyst for further market expansion.

Event Schedule

AGENDA DAY 01 | 03 April 2019

  • Michael Kelly, Deputy Managing Director, WLPGA
  • Government representatives
Suggested Guests:
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
  • U Ken, Tun, CEO, Parami Energy
  • U Kyaw Thura, Executive Director, Elite Petrochemicals
  • Mr. Bundit Suepittayakul, Elite Petrochemicals
  • Mr. Steve MacBride, COO, Parami Energy & SE Asia ambassador for WINLPG
  • U Aung Kyi Soe, Union of Myanmar Federal Chamber of Commerce (UMFCCI)
  • Liquid Gas Europe
  • GACC
  • Alison Abbott, Communications Director, WLPGA
Followed by a Q & A
David Appleton, Senior Analyst, Argus
The importance of an LPG Roadmap - This panel will discuss the merits of a clear roadmap and how it can be achieved.

Special guest, tbc
Suggested Panelists:
  • U Ken, Tun, CEO, Parami Energy
  • Mr. Bundit Suepittayakul, General Manager, Elite Petrochemicals
  • ADB
  • Trading company
  • IFC
  • Ministry of Environment and natural resources
  • Others
Suggested Moderator:
Special guest TBC

=> Peers from around the globe come together to address concretely the infrastructural challenges for LPG in Myanmar

=> The panel will incorporate how the Myanmar roadmap needs to move into an action plan based on the morning panel outcome

Suggested Panelists:
  • Mr. Steve Mac Bride, COO, Parami Energy
  • Mr. Bundit Suepittayakul, >General Manager, Elite Petrochemicals
  • Cavagna
  • PTT (Thailand)
  • GACCs
  • Mr. Klaus Gohra, Puma
  • Myanmar Investment Commission

AGENDA DAY 02 | 04 April 2019

=> The IoT can make a significant contribution to enhancing good industry practices and at the same time make LPG more accessible to low income households
=> WLPGA IoT report will be presented

David Tyler, Director, WLPGA

Suggested Panelists:
  • Mr. Harish Anchan, Managing Director, Envirofit, Asia
  • Amtrol-Alfa
  • Mr. Bundit Suepittayakul, General Manager, Elite Petrochemicals
  • CEO, Phandeeyer, Incubator for high tech in Myanmar
  • Editor, Myanmar technology magazine
  • Government officials working on IP, IoT roadmaps in Myanmar
David Tyler, Director, WLPGA

  • U Ken, Tun, CEO, Parami Energy
  • Mr. Bundit Suepittayakul, General Manager, Elite Petrochemicals
  • Other concerned parties both local and abroad
  • DCC HongKong
  • U Aung Kyi Soe, Union of Myanmar Federal Chamber of Commerce (UMFCCI)
  • Mr. Pramod Singh, Business Development Director, Asia Pacific, GE
=> Keeping the LPG business safe and smart

David Tyler, Director, WLPGA
David Tyler, Director, WLPGA
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Conference Venue
LOTTE HOTEL, Yangoon, Myanmar

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