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LPG Summit Team

Neasa Hapiak

Neasa Hapiak took over from Vincent Choy in July as Director of LPG Summit. Vincent will continue to share his knowledge with the team in the mid-term as a valuable advisor while he focuses on other endeavours.

Neasa has spent most of her career working as a strategic communications consultant and as an association management professional in the energy sector. She started out at the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) in Brussels, Belgium where she worked with European Union stakeholders and communicated with the European Commission and Parliament on legislation concerning the industry.

Later she worked for Ernst & Young, Brussels; Dassault Systemes, Paris (Nasdaq: Dasty); and the World LP Gas Association, Paris. She has been organising industry events for many years in Brussels, Paris, and around the globe. Each event was tailored to different types of audiences from global internal employees, parliamentarians, journalists to large scale market place global exhibitions and conferences. The biggest events she organised were for Dassault Systemes and the World LP Gas Forum.

Neasa has an MBA from Langdale Business School (VSU – a University of Georgia, USA), a BA in modern languages from University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland), and an MA from the University of London (UL,UK) in media and communications. She speaks fluently German, French and English.

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We would also like to take this time to introduce the entire team, Ali, Calvin, Chloe, Kiral and Ryan. Please click below to meet the team and contact us at any moment.

LPG Summit Team

Neasa Hapiak

LPG Summit Team

Syed Ali
Senior Operations Manager

LPG Summit Team

Ryan Vincent Pasupathy
Communications Manager

LPG Summit Team

Chloe Lee
Marketing Manager

LPG Summit Team

Calvin Tan
Business Development Manager

LPG Summit Team

Kiral Dontlu
Business Development Manager


Where We’ve Been

Join us on a trip down memory lane to see which regions LPG Summit has been in the past. Keep track of all the industry developments over the years and see how you can join us at our future conferences and exhibitions!


LPG Summit Milestone

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Our vision:

  • A sustainable, dynamic and innovative business environment for the LPG Summit team, our customers and our partners

Our mission:

  • Continue to be an integral part of the LPG business in South East Asia, South Asia and Africa
  • Venture into new waters through innovation, helping to develop LPG markets and continue to be open to change
  • Persevere to be the credible representative of the LPG business in the regions we operate with respect and honour, serving our partners and bringing the industry together in a dynamic marketplace.

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The objective of the LPG Summit team is to work more closely with our customers and partners. We want to be a part of your team, helping you to be successful in your business ventures in the regions where we are active. Our sales team (Calvin Tan and Kiral Dontlu) will be actively following up with you on which regions are core to your business, which topics are of most interest to you, and will help you reach out to your identified potential customers, partners and distributors. We are proud of the growth experienced by LPG Summit under the leadership of Vincent Choy and would like to continue this momentum pursued by Vincent and the team since 2014. We want to continue to go into countries and regions where not many other entities journey and wish to encourage a safe and sustainable LPG business for all our customers, partners and stakeholders. Please get in touch with us for any information and advice you might need.

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LPG Summit events provide a platform for the LPG industry in the developing world through its mid- to large-sized events. We want our exhibitions to continue to be successful and that the customer experience be worthwhile, interesting and above all to make a bigger and better marketplace for the down stream business.

Our focus is also to look more carefully at the upstream and mid stream businesses so that our conferences can be topical and informative for all delegates and all stakeholders. We would like to include LPG traders, investors and shipping companies in our events as without them there is a link missing in the overall strategy of our events. We are striving to develop contacts in these fields.

Our Marketing team is developing our contacts so that our outreach can be as accurate and as specific as possible. This will allow for more visibility on who we are reaching out to. It will also allow for easier follow up. Eventually, we hope to be able to give our customers lists of who is attending in advance to give more visibility. Given the tendency of attendees in the regions we operate in to register within a week of the event, this has proven difficult in the past. We are improving our processes to make sure we can push this through earlier.

>> View our latest and past events here:

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LPG Business Review

A first initiative within our new mission is this online LPG Summit newsletter, “LPG Business Review”, that we are very proud to have launched today.

It is in fact the follow-up newsletter to our former print magazine “LPG Business Review”, produced by LPG Summit and edited by Ryan Pasupathy, LPG Summit, Communications Manager.

This first online edition is special as we want to take this opportunity to introduce our small, yet effective team so that you can put a face to the names that you have been in contact with over the years. We want you to know a little bit more about us and how we are dedicated to helping your business grow through our events.

The goal of the newsletter is to reach out collectively to our loyal customers, give our customers the chance to showcase their products and thoughts and share their own initiatives and also focus on the businesses in the regions where we operate. It will also help us to get to know our customers better through their own presentation within the newsletter. Ryan will be coming into contact with you soon on other initiatives through the newsletter.

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Operations Manager, Ali Syed and Marketing Manager, Chloe Lee have been working hard to make the full event experience better for our attendees. A combined effort from marketing and operations has proven to very productive:

  • To make the registration process as smooth as possible, from March 2019, all documents will be available online. A process has been developed whereby attendees, speakers and others attending the event can have a smoother experience
  • In our quest to do our bit for the environment, we are moving away from the printing of brochures and booklets and will be introducing an app at all events from March 2019.

In some venues, the internet access has proven intermittent. We will be bringing in a back-up from March 2019.

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LPG Summit supports the new WLPGA initiative Women in LPG Global Network (WINLPG).

Gender balance in the LPG industry is not optimised and WLPGA is in a unique position to start to make a change given its global reach. This global network will recommend actions and activities as part of the WLPGA strategic planning process to help optimise the work life of everyone within the industry, men and women.

For the first time, a Women in LPG award will be presented at the World LPG Forum in Houston, Texas from 2-4 October.

For more information, please contact Alison Abbot, Communications Director, WLPGA, at

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Mrs. Omolara Lawal
Acting Executive Secretary

Foreword From LPG Summit

In June of this year, LPG Summit attempted to organise an event in Lagos, Nigeria. Due to extraordinary circumstances, the event was cancelled. Moving along from the unfortunate affair, we would like to acknowledge the excellent cooperation LPG Summit has experienced with the acting Executive Secretary of the Nigerian LPG Association, Mrs Omolara Lawal, Mr Nuhu Yakubu, President and MD/CEO, Banner Energy Limited (BannerGas) and the Executives of Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (NLPGA). Mrs. Omolara Lawal outlines next steps. The NLPGA is scheduled to hold its 8th Annual Conference and Exhibition on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria. The LPG Summit is proud to be a media partner of the Conference to promote and support the Nigerian LPG Association and the Nigerian LPG Industry in particular.

The LPG Industry in Nigeria

Nigeria has one of the world’s largest proven gas reserves, at 187 trillion cubic feet and is a producer and net exporter of LPG in Africa, producing over 4MTPA, and consuming less than 15% of this volume while exporting the rest. The per capita consumption is just above 1kg in Nigeria which is comparatively low compared to other West African countries.

Nigeria’s LPG industry is an estimated potential $10 billion industry, which has grown from a very small, 70,000MT industry in 2007 to currently about 600,000MT. Nigeria’s LPG sector is fully deregulated, which means that the Nigerian government is completely detached from LPG pricing mechanisms in Nigeria. This single policy has encouraged the major producers of LPG like the Nigeria LNG (NLNG) to intervene in the supply market to sustain the envisioned growth and development of the Industry. NLNG increased its Domestic LPG annual allocation from 150,000MT to 250,000MT in 2013 due to increased demand for LPG.

To reaffirm its commitment to the growth of the industry, the Federal government of Nigeria recently approved strategic policies and programs, including the “National Gas Policy” which aims to diversify from over-dependence on crude oil, with measures to diversify gas demand utilization applications, to encourage investments across Nigeria’s LPG value chain.

The Government of Nigeria agreed to the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) and the Paris Climate Change Agreement for global flare-out by 2030 and has recently concluded and approved the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme (NGFCP) which is designed to implement the policy objectives of the Government for the elimination of gas flares, with potentially enormous multiplier effect in development outcomes for Nigeria.

This will stimulate and sustain economic growth, while harnessing major investments in economically viable gas flare down projects, whilst simultaneously permanently addressing major environmental problems in Nigeria.

And the most recent positive development is the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) from local LPG, which is expected to improve pricing competitiveness.


The Nigeria LPG Association (NLPGA) is the umbrella body of all Stakeholders in the LPG sector in Nigeria. Some of our members include Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigeria LNG, Total Plc, Navgas, Hyson OVH Energy, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Federal Fire Service, LPG Terminal Operators, Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), amongst others.

The primary objective of the Association is to promote the use of LP Gas in Nigeria at affordable costs. It aims at protecting the interests of the LP Gas industry in the entire Nigerian socio-economic environment, through public – private sector interface, policy development and advocacy, awareness creation and facilitation of commercial and industrial opportunities, provision of business development services and promotion of the highest standard of operational safety and business ethics.

NLPGA 8th Annual Conference & Exhibition

This year, the 8th edition of the NLPGA Annual Conference will be focused on discussions and far reaching resolutions towards Expanding the LPG Frontier in Africa by showcasing the diversity of LPG utilisation for wide reaching applications across various industries. The event aims to project the economic and social viability of LPG, the benefits and importance of the need for Africa to switch to LPG from their reliance on unclean fuels, by emphasizing and reiterating the continuous damage to the environment and health of its people.

The event is proposed to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria.

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LPG Summit’s Upcoming Events In 2019

Save The Dates
  • South Asia LPG Summit 2019 | 3 – 4 March 2019 | ICCB Hall 4, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Myanmar LPG Summit 2019 | 3 – 4 April 2019 | Lotte Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
  • 6th Africa LPG summit | 3 – 4 July 2019 | MLIMANI CITY Conference Center, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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