Newsletter 17/09/2019

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President Of Nigeria, Met With The NLPGA (Nigeria Liquified Petroleum Gas Association)

Osinbajo Nigeria

Professor Yemi Osinbajo
Vice President of Nigeria

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria met with the NLPGA on the 11th of September to discuss the future of LPG in Nigeria! The Vice President shared his post with his followers on Instagram following the meeting.

This is a great sign that the government is supportive of LPG’s role as a clean source of energy in Nigeria and that it is interested in developing the industry further.

The LPG industry is set to mature over the next few years and government support will be essential for its sustained growth and development during this time. Getting a front row seat to hear what the government’s plans are will be key for LPG related businesses looking to enter this extremely lucrative market.

To find out more about the government’s view on LPG, join us at Nigeria LPG Summit from 26 – 27 November where Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo will be giving the opening keynote.

25th China LPG Conference And Exhibition - Endorsed By Guangdong Oil & Gas Association

Helen newsletter13

Helen Liang
Secretary General
Guangdong Oil & Gas Association

LPG Summit Logo

Guangdong Oil & Gas Association (OGA) is pleased to announce the partnership with LPG Summit for the organization of the 25th China LPG Conference And Exhibition in Xi’an, China on 19-20th Mar 2020.

As a regional organization widely representing the LPG industry in China, OGA has been hosting the China LPG Conference every year and made it the most influential event and successful platform for the communication and interaction between its members and the industry both home and abroad. OGA recognizes the important role that the LPG Summit’s Exhibition will play to showcase the advanced products and services of LPG manufacturers around the world and contribute to the continued development of the LPG industry in China. OGA is very pleased to co-locate the Conference and the Exhibition to make it a more fruitful event in 2020 for the 25th anniversary of the Conference.

We wish that LPG continues to play an increasingly important role in the country’s transformation to clearer energy in a safer and sustainable manner. We hope that both the effective communication and the expertise brought about by this event will help us in achieving the goal.

We welcome all foreign participants to the 25th China LPG Conference and Exhibition, and welcome all business partners to involve in and contribute to the continued growth of the LPG industry in China.

Interview with 2A

2A Turkish LPG
2A Dispenser

Tell us about 2As journey in the LPG Industry. When and how did it begin?

2A Muhendislik A.S. has over 30 of experience in the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector, has a wide range of services, including engineering and consultancy, both domestic and abroad, turn-key plant projects and marketing of all types of various equipment required for LPG industry.

In Turkey, LPG as auto gas started to be used in 1995. 2A Muhendislik has been a sector leader since then. We continue our pioneering and innovative role with the knowledge and experience we accumulated during this period. 2A Engineering’s management staff and employees follow the values ​​in accordance with the slogan “Quality is determined by time”

2A is the distributor of many worldwide and well-known brands in the LPG sector and is active in areas like residential and industrial usage of LPG and using LPG as an alternative fuel for cars.

2A is one of the biggest manufacturers for LPG and CNG dispensers in Turkey. We also produce multistage LPG pumps for the auto gas refuelling stations, according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC with CE-mark. All dispensers are certified according to regulations ATEX, OIML and MID.

What are your plans for the future of the company?

As a company we want to sustain our position as a global player in equipment and knowledge supplier in the use of LPG and CNG in vehicles. LNG is new area of interest of our company and we hope to increase the LNG market in Turkey with our global partners.

Along with the Company’s successful service, it withholds customer satisfaction as its greatest concern. Based on this fact, we constantly develop our services to enhance customer trust and cooperation.

We will also keep enlarging our position in the car conversion business with new DOEM projects with our Italian partner BRC.

What role does 2A play in the industry and what are its most popular products?

Both BRC conversion kits and dispensers have the biggest share in our portfolio. Our production Prima LPG and CNG dispensers have the biggest market share in Turkey. Thousands of auto gas filling stations run with our dispensers in Turkey and abroad.

There are thousands of OEM cars running with BRC conversion kits.

LPG distributor companies forms 2A’s major client portfolio. With the recognition of production respective of international standards, the company has the ability of maintaining quality standards that have been required by the most rigid companies in Germany, Poland, Albenia, Greece, South America, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Serbia, Moldavia, Kosovo, Georgia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Armenia, Philippines, Peru etc.

What is the Auto gas market in Turkey like? Does 2A operate in any other markets?

Turkey is the second largest auto gas market in the world after South Korea with almost 5 million cars running on lpg. Starting from 1999, for 3 years the auto gas market had a rapid growth period in which 500.000 cars converted per year. After that for the next 10 years there was a sustainable growth period. (200.000 – 300.000 conversion/year) Then came the slow growth period. (150.000- 200.000 conversion/year) Since 2018, it looks like the market almost reached its saturation point. The conversion numbers declined to 100.000-150.000 cars per year.

We do not have any branches abroad but we have powerful distributors who sell our LPG/CNG fillings station equipment and who also give technical support all around the world.

What are some of the key reasons for 2A’s success in these markets?

2A Muhendislik focuses on customer satisfaction, supplying quality goods for reasonable price and strong after sales support.

Along with the Company’s successful service, it withholds customer satisfaction as its greatest concern. Based on this fact, we constantly develop our services to enhance customer trust and cooperation.

Who are some of 2A’s partner companies that have contributed to its success?


BRC Gas Equipment is a trademark owned by M.T.M. s.r.l., an Italian company leader in manufacturing and marketing automotive LPG and CNG components and systems. With sole distributors in more than 70 countries, turnover of 100 million euros in 2015 and more than 1,000 co-workers and employees.

2A Mühendislik A.S. is the sole distributor of BRC products both in Turkey and other countries since 2000, supporting customers with business and technical services.


Cemp is a 65 year old Italian exproof motor manufacturer. Since 2000, 2A Mühendislik A.S. has been selling their products ranging from 0,2 kw to 200 kw to  refineries, ships, thermal power plants, tunnels, mines, oil & gas pipelines, chemical & petrochemical & pharmaceutical &  agricultural industries, platforms and also provide after sales service support.


Pompetravaini is a 95 year old Italian pump manufacturer. Since 2000, 2A Mühendislik A.S. has been selling their “centrifugal & vacuum” pumps to gas stations, factories and production facilities. We also provide after sales service support for these products.


Cubogas has been a CNG Compressor and equipment manufacturer since 1929. 2A Mühendislik A.S. is the regional distributor and sells CNG Compressors to naturel gas stations, factories and production facilities. We also provide after sales services for these products.

What type of clients does 2A serve? What do these companies primarily do?

2A clients’ portfolio is extremely broad and ranges from car manufacturers (lpg conversion kits), LPG gas supplier companies, LPG/CNG filling stations, Chemistry/alcohol/mining/textile industry to even engineering companies,



What are some of the major challenges and barriers to operating and growing Auto gas use in a new market?

The challenges depend on each individual country’s conditions but there are some basic points to overcome the challenges.

If you want growth in the market, the number of filling stations should be increased.

Alternative fuel should always be priced cheaper than gasoline. It is important for markets to so always have favourable price comparison with conventional fuels.

Create strong conversion sector.

Try to get an OEM support. It might not be easy but it is worth trying. This helps to create customer confidence for conversion. Customers feel safe and comfortable when an OEM is involved.

The 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European Congress

WLPGA Amsterdam

The 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European Congress will be held from 24th – 27th  September. This event will provide unprecedented value for attendees, exhibitors and visitors and will bring together the best aspects of the World LPG Forum and the European Annual Congress representing two annual events rolled into one exceptional LPG conference and exhibition.

Europe is widely perceived as a global leader regarding initiatives to increase the use of alternative fuels and reduce air pollution. In this context, the choice of the host of the 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European Congress became an obvious one!

The Netherlands is a globally recognised logistic hub for the LPG industry, playing a key role in the LPG supply to European markets. It also headquarters some of the world-leading companies pioneering the development of LPG markets.

Beyond its importance to the LPG industry, Amsterdam is also one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and business-friendly destinations, hence making it the perfect place for hosting the next joint event.

LPG Summit’s Succeeding Events

Nigeria LPG Summit 2019
26-27 November 2019, Federal Palace Hotel, Nigeria

25th China LPG Conference and Exhibition
19 – 20 March 2020, Crowne Plaza, Xi’an City, China