Philippines LPG Summit 2020
Due to the coronavirus, the event is postponed. We will further contact you on the event updated.

About Philippines LPG Summit

LPG Summit Philippines seeks to create the platform to discuss about new developments that the LPG industry in the Philippines has undergone in the last 18 months and there has been a lot of changes, consolidation and expansion. The LPG Summit team expects a successful event in 2020 that will focus on the decade to come, the opportunities in the business, and how to overcome challenges. We are actively reaching out to all Philippines gas companies, distributors, LPG associations, transport companies, hotels and restaurant representatives, Chambers of commerce in Manila, DOE, ADB, and much more.

Given the country being a conglomerate of thousands of separate islands, pipeline infrastructure is limited resulting in energy prices remaining high despite the country’s economic advances over the last few years. The Government has been actively encouraging private investments in the energy sector in the Philippines to help meet their ambitious infrastructure programme.

LPG is used primarily in the residential sector but there are other areas for development. LPG is a key fuel to be adopted by the Philippines vehicle modernisation program covering the replacement of more than 300,000public transport vehicles with clean euro certified emissions. More developments are likely in Autogas. We will be posting on those on LPG Summit social media sites Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram over the coming weeks and months. PowerGen is also an area that has potential and PowerGen companies are actively looking into the opportunities available.

Central to the LPG business is safety and innovation and these are tropics that will be brought to the fore at the event. 

Other key issues to be discussed at the conference will include: 

  • Domestic distribution
  • LPG refining
  • LPG economics and investment 
  • Autogas LPG in the fleet operations sector

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Marquis Events Place @ Bonaficio Global City, Manila, Philippines

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