LPG Team: Kiral Dontlu

Kiral Dontlu
Business Development Manager 
LPG Summit

Kiral Dontlu has a diversified work career mainly focused on consulting, marketing, sales and business development. He graduated from a well known Turkish University (Bilgi University) with a Business Administration degree. He also participated in a study abroad program in Mexico for one year as well as being selected for a London School of Economics external diploma.

During his time at University, he worked in marketing and business development departments of well known companies like Apple, Is Real Estate Investment Company and Genpa (telcom company). After university he started his career at Deloitte in the audit, internal audit and corporate finance projects area. He has also worked in the energy, entertainment and consumer electronics sectors at companies such as Disney Consumer Electronics and Altinboga Gas Equipments. In these companies he has managed business development, foreign trade and loyalties.

He recently joined All Events Group and LPG Summit to share his knowledge and know-how to create better and efficient organizations for the clients to create more business. He speaks Turkish, English and Spanish fluently.

Email: kiral.dontlu@lpgsummit.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiraldontlu/