LPG Team: Neasa Hapiak

Neasa Hapiak
LPG Summit

Neasa has spent most of her career working as a strategic communications consultant and as an association management professional in the energy sector. She started out at the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) in Brussels, Belgium where she worked with European Union stakeholders and communicated with the European Commission and Parliament on legislation concerning the industry.

Later she worked for Ernst & Young, Brussels; Dassault Systemes, Paris (Nasdaq: Dasty); and the World LP Gas Association, Paris. She has been organising industry events for many years in Brussels, Paris, and around the globe. Each event was tailored to different types of audiences from global internal employees, parliamentarians, journalists to large scale market place global exhibitions and conferences. The biggest events she organised were for Dassault Systemes and the World LP Gas Forum.

Neasa has an MBA from Langdale Business School (VSU – a University of Georgia, USA), a BA in modern languages from University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland), and an MA from the University of London (UL,UK) in media and communications. She speaks fluently German, French and English.

Email: neasa@lpgsummit.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neasa-hapiak-392354/